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Water for Semiconductors: Market Trends and Forecasts, 2023–2030

Water for Semiconductors: Market Trends and Forecasts, 2023–2030

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In the wake of global supply chain bottlenecks, semiconductor manufacturers are accelerating production to meet chip quotas. The US$573 billion semiconductor industry is expected to exceed US$1 trillion by 2030, primarily driven by soaring demand from the consumer electronics and automotive sectors. 

In the rapid expansion of the semiconductor industry, water requirements and expenditures are particularly relevant since a fabrication plant uses millions of gallons of water per day. For water solutions providers, opportunity is present on the treatment side, as ultrapure water is a required input. Additionally, the large water footprints of facilities increase the attractiveness of reuse solutions. 

Bluefield’s forecast methodology considers a variety of key market and macroeconomic variables, including semiconductor trends, inflationary pressures, facility-level usage, and policy incentives.

This report lays out Bluefield’s 2023–2030 forecast for capital expenditures (CAPEX) and operating expenditures (OPEX). The forecast focuses on water usage, geographic differences, and key opportunities. 

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