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The Hydrogen Economy: Water Demand, Management Strategies, and Global Forecasts, 2024–2030

The Hydrogen Economy: Water Demand, Management Strategies, and Global Forecasts, 2024–2030

Hydrogen has emerged as a key focal point in the global energy transition. From policy road maps in Europe and Australia to financial incentives in the U.S. (i.e., the Inflation Reduction Act), governments on every continent are dedicating resources to the nascent sector. With several thousand projects and hydrogen hubs in various stages of development, the hydrogen economy’s growth relies on one key raw material input: water.  

Green hydrogen is generated through the electrolysis of purified water using renewable energy sources (i.e., wind, solar) and presents a wide range of applications: power (e.g., storage), transportation fuels (e.g., shipping, fleets), and industrial uses (e.g., fertilizer, steel). Its production highlights the unique intersection of water and energy, not only in its water intensity but also as an opportunity for stakeholders across the industry value chain, such as renewable supermajors, technology vendors, engineering firms, and water utilities.

Bluefield’s US$26.3 billion water management global forecast (i.e., CAPEX, OPEX) between 2024–2030 points to the potential scale of water management over the next decade. The implications for water infrastructure, utility operations, and water resources will be significant without more holistic approaches. Water services and solutions providers need to anticipate these shifts, thereby giving hydrogen an opportunity to reinforce solutions providers’ role in shaping sustainable communities.

This Insight Report and accompanying data dashboard highlight the key drivers, trends, markets, and demands for water, globally. 

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