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The Digital Water Revolution: Global Digital Water Market Forecast, 2022-2030

The Digital Water Revolution: Global Digital Water Market Forecast, 2022-2030

The digital water revolution is here. The global water sector is being transformed by a wave of new technologies for connectivity, mobility, automation, and data analytics. In every region of the world, proactive utilities are increasingly turning to digital solutions to better serve their customers and stakeholders, maximize their operational performance and efficiency, and safeguard their assets and natural resources. 

In fact, digital water spend is expected to grow more than three times as fast as the global water market, with double-digit growth for select markets and segments. 

This Insight Report provides a comprehensive analysis of the global market opportunity for digital water solutions, from established water, wastewater, and stormwater management platforms like SCADA and GIS to cutting-edge applications of artificial intelligence (AI), Internet-of-Things (IoT), and big data analytics technologies within the water utility sector. Bluefield evaluates key market trends, drivers, and inhibitors shaping the global outlook for digital water solutions and breaks down the forecast by technology, geography, and utility size to highlight emerging pockets of opportunity. 

10-year forecasts with in-depth breakdowns, including: 

− 32 technology segments 

− 45 leading global markets 

− Hardware, software, services 


− Utility size / tier 

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