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Europe Municipal Water & Wastewater: CAPEX Market Forecasts, 2024–2030

Europe Municipal Water & Wastewater: CAPEX Market Forecasts, 2024–2030

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European countries are investing in renewing and maintaining aging water & wastewater systems to decrease non-revenue water and increase efficiency. Investments are allocated for water supply management and wastewater treatment, with a priority to reduce energy consumption by integrating smart technology, sensors, and data analytics for better monitoring and control.

To overcome the challenges related to water infrastructure development, several European countries have adopted an integrated approach. Public-private partnerships have been explored as a financing model, allowing private investment and expertise to be utilized while sharing risks and responsibilities. Funding for water infrastructure projects comes from multiple sources, including national budgets, the EU Cohesion Fund, and in some cases, private investments. This hybrid funding model has helped improve the scale and speed of infrastructure development. Moreover, European countries are collaborating to address shared challenges by focusing on joint research, data sharing, and coordinated infrastructure development.

Bluefield’s Insight Report provides a comprehensive overview of water investment drivers in Europe. It explores the current state of the market, technological advancements, regulatory frameworks, funding structures, and cost-recovery strategies. The forecast highlights market opportunities by geography and asset category by analyzing the national strategies and defined targets of various European countries.

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