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Europe Municipal Wastewater Reuse: Business Models and Competitive Strategies

Europe Municipal Wastewater Reuse: Business Models and Competitive Strategies

Driven by population growth, climate change, and increasing water demand globally, municipalities and players active in the water sector are reviewing opportunities for alternative water supply options to meet present and future demand. In addition, municipal wastewater reuse across Europe is gaining traction due to the recently adopted Wastewater Reuse Regulation.

In Europe, reuse applications predominantly focus on irrigation for agriculture or urban settings. Still, some municipal reuse projects supply industrial facilities, support environmental processes, and feed indirectly into potabilization systems. In the previously released Europe Municipal Wastewater Reuse: Market Trends and Forecasts 2023–2030, Bluefield forecasted a 16.82% CAGR in 11 European countries and an anticipated cumulative reuse market of €1.8 billion (US$2 billion).

Reuse schemes in Europe primarily consist of retrofitting existing WWTPs with additional advanced treatments and arranging the transport and storage infrastructure to supply offtakers. Business opportunities lie within countries with larger assets and higher water stress, where the value of reuse projects and the possibility of engaging more offtakers (i.e., growing the client base) balances out the associated risks and infrastructural challenges of reuse schemes.

Bluefield’s Insight Report reviews Europe’s municipal reuse landscape, exploring market opportunities through the analysis of business and value creation models, key case studies, and the competitive framework and selected players.


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