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Engineering the Digital Water Future: EPC Firms’ Evolving Market Strategies

Engineering the Digital Water Future: EPC Firms’ Evolving Market Strategies

Engineering consultancies (EPCs) serve as key gatekeepers and technical advisors in the water sector, influencing utilities’ system designs, bid specifications, and procurement decisions. Like the rest of the industry, they are being forced to adapt to the growing role of digital water & wastewater technologies penetrating their spheres of influence. In response to this shifting landscape, select EPCs are taking on new roles as digital water solutions providers, offering implementation & integration services and, in some cases, selling in-house software directly to utility and industrial end-users.

This change does not come without challenges. To compete with established digital water vendors, EPCs must rethink their conventional billable hour business models, products, and go-to-market strategies, adopting elements of software and IT businesses. EPC approaches to resolving these conflicts have varied widely, from developing fully integrated offerings to spinning out standalone digital business units.

Drawing on Bluefield’s proprietary project and M&A databases, primary research, and market analysis, this Insight Report evaluates the digital water strategies of leading global engineering consultancies in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. The analysis focuses on digital water offerings and capabilities, market entry strategies, organizational structures, and geographic footprints, to better understand these firms’ unique positions in an accelerating digital market. 

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