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Corporate Sustainability: Water Management Targets and Goals, 2022

Corporate Sustainability: Water Management Targets and Goals, 2022

The establishment of water-related goals and management strategies within corporate sustainability plans is increasingly evident, globally. Motivated by myriad pain points ranging from water risks, operations, and energy usage to investor calls for action (i.e., ESG) and branding, corporate leadership teams are being compelled to shine light on their respective water usage management practices.

Over the last year, corporate sustainability goals have shifted to focus on 2030 and beyond, thereby driving Bluefield’s team of water experts to evaluate sustainability plans across 11 light and heavy industries. The verticals analyzed generated approximately US$26.97 trillion in 2021 revenues. The data-driven exercise tracks new corporate water goals, water intensities by industry, and longer-term targets that will influence climate mitigation and water management. 

Bluefield Research has identified leading companies across 11 water-intensive industries—automotive, beauty & personal care, chemicals, data centers, fashion, food & beverage, mining, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, power, and semiconductors—to benchmark their approaches to water. 

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